Time Stealers Do you feel that you're losing control of your time?

Imagine someone asking you what you consider the most frustrating aspect of your job. Would you respond with something like:

'I just don't have enough time in my workday to take care of all my responsibilities'

If so, you're not alone. In today's rapidly shifting business landscape, more and more managers are feeling that they've lost control of their time. In fact, the problem seems to be taking on epidemic proportions.

There are many things that act as time stealers, making it more difficult to manage time effectively.

Common time stealers

  • Unexpected interruptions.
  • Pulled off task to react to something going wrong.
  • Outbound telephone calls.
  • Procrastination.
  • A cluttered and disorganised workspace.
  • Systems problems.
  • Staffing issues.
  • Emails received that need responding to.
  • Meetings called by others.
  • Looking for tools or information to do the job / make a decision.
  • Forced to take work home or answer calls out of hours.

You might also be able to think of some more that affect you, personally.

File download

Take the time to follow the simple instructions and fill in the Time Stealers Audit within this activity and, as recommended on the audit, share the results with colleagues.

A further activity that can really help visibility is to ask them to do the same – fill in the audit and show it to you – maybe you are a time stealer yourself.

Let's take this further.

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