The Wheel of Life Finding the right balance for your life

To complete this task, read and follow the instructions below:

  1. Draw three lines that intersect at the middle so that you end up with six spokes (imagine a bicycle wheel with the spokes radiating from the centre).
  2. Put little crosses, evenly spaced, on each spoke with the numbers 1 – 6 (1 nearest the centre and 6 at the top of each spoke).
  3. Put a title above each spoke as follows:
    • Spiritual

      This doesn't just refer to an organised religion or attending church but all aspects of your life that uplift you: things that you are involved in or activities that give you a sense of internal well-being. i.e. charity work or donating money to good causes.
    • Family

      Your ongoing relationships with family including the quality time you spend with them.
    • Social

      How often are you getting out and seeing those old friends, spending time with people you value, doing things you enjoy.
    • Physical / Active

      Quite simply, that segment of your wheel devoted to making sure your body stays working in the way nature intended.
    • Career

      This is fairly self-explanatory.
    • Developmental

      This scale covers how well you feel you are currently developing yourself, through extra-curricular courses, study, or activities that develop your mind.
  4. When you have thought about each answer, please draw a line through each number in each spoke that you think best represents where you are now. Then, join up the numbers with a line from one to the next. What does your eventual shape look like? Does it look like a circle? If it was a wheel would it roll? Are you rolling?


The point is clear....we have to find a balance. Even if all your scores were middling, say, 3 each, it's probable that you'd still be 'rolling' along. (yes, still room for improvement!).

If one or two of your spokes has only 1 or 2 but others have 4, 5, or 6 then your wheel is going nowhere. This is what sometimes gives us that feeling of slight unease or emptiness... 'Surely there must be more to it all than this?'

How can you re-adjust your life to achieve that balance? Maybe it's even better to have a slightly lower score with one or more spokes if it means you can even these out with increases in the others.

We have worked with too many utterly exhausted senior managers and directors over the years. All that work... and for what... stomach ulcers, no home life, breakup of close relationships?

Take a rain-check and think of the wheel: Life should roll merrily along, not jar!

Let's take this further.

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