Write yourself a letter

This is great for focusing your team's attention on the things they are currently doing well and how they feel they are perceived by customers – whether representing internal or external customer satisfaction – and to motivate them to continue with their efforts.

Get writing!

  1. Give each member of your team some paper (use the template provided below if it helps) and ask them to write a letter to themselves from a fictional customer.
  2. In each letter, the 'customer' should highlight three aspects of the team member's behaviour, attitude or action that made a positive impression on the customer. In addition, the 'customer' should also point out what effect each behaviour, attitude or action had on them.

How we can help you focus

At New Line Ideas we constantly focus individuals and teams on the effects of their behaviours, attitudes and actions. Although very few customers actually take the time to write a letter of praise, by reminding ourselves on the consequences of our actions we remain focused on the end task – serving (and hopefully often going beyond when we can) the needs of the customer.

File download

Download this template for the Write yourelf a letter activity and get your team members focused on what they are doing well.

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