Setting customer focused mission statements Rejuvenate that sense of team spirit!

This is a great activity for rejuvenating a sense of team effort into a department and giving everyone a sense of striving towards a common goal. It'll only take half an hour but has far reaching consequences.

Over to you...

  1. Grab some copies of your corporate mission statement, or copies of other companies' mission statements that inspire you.
  2. Grab some flip chart paper and markers.
  3. Grab your department – well, enough key members to represent everyone's interests – and put into groups of three to five, each with paper and a marker.
  4. Each group considers the following:
    • Why do customers remember us? (if you deal with other departments rather than the public then your customers are the people/departments/colleagues you provide a service to)
    • How do customers feel after they deal with us?
    • What do customers tell their friends about us?
    • In what ways do we help one another in our department?
    • How does our department support the general aim of the company.
  5. Participants within each group discuss their answers to these questions and then each group begins to write their own mission statement.
  6. After 15 – 20 minutes each group selects a spokesperson to present their mission statement to the other groups. IMPORTANT – the mission statements should not contradict your company mission statement.
  7. Following the exercise, if there is more than one group, each group should appoint a member to represent them on a committee to finalise the mission statement over the following week.

This game can work wonders for your department, internal customers and working attitudes towards customers in general.

Following an intensive session on team goals and missions, one client recently completed a full Team Charter which we are delighted to say, now forms behaviours for an entire department.

Click here to see what they came up with!

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