Accentuate the positive - gaining value from procedures Showing value from procedure can smooth ruffled feathers

Which of the following two statements sounds better?

  1. You'll have to come in to our service centre to have your stereo looked at.
  2.  To keep your costs down, we ask that we look at your stereo at your nearest service centre.

Or, how about?

  1. We can't give out identification numbers out over the phone; it's against company policy.
  2. To protect both your and other customers' privacy and security, we don't give out identification numbers over the telephone.

In the second statement of each situation, the customer service representative not only told the customer why but added 'value' to the customer. This is called 'value from procedure'.

Sometimes, value isn't always obvious but almost every procedure and policy is of some value to customers. Gaining this value is an important step in building rapport.

Some customer service representatives seem to almost gain delight from telling customers that a procedure is 'against company policy' or that the customer should 'read the terms and conditions' and then wonder why the customer becomes irate.

The skill is in finding that extra value when it seems hidden. Showing 'value from procedure' can really smooth ruffled feathers.

Over to you...

  • Think of some of the procedures or policy that your organisation has and see where you can add value. You'll be surprised to see how many make real sense to the customer when you add value.

Let's take this further.

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