The language we use Language is key to how successful we become

Whether you run a busy call centre or a face to face customer service or sales department, language and its use is at the very heart of your business.

How you, your colleagues and all team members relate to each other and your customers through the spoken and written word is key to how successful you become.

People often tell us that the modules we prepare on Positivity Through Language are singularly the most important part of the personal development process they have ever been involved in.

Rather than take our word for it though, read through these statements with a friend or colleague and see if you can detect either specific words or phrases that could be improved upon.

We have some 'perfect' answers you'll love and we'd be delighted to help you if you are struggling. Sometimes, certain stock phrases and words are so much a part of our culture that it is only by stepping back that you suddenly see why we don't always get the response we would like or expect. Good luck!

Can you see any words or phrases that could be improved?

  1. I can't call you back with that information until much later on today.
  2. You won't get that for another seven days.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't know! I'll get my manager to call you later on.
  4. We can't give you a guaranteed answer on that, I'm afraid. It's company policy!
  5. That's the other department's responsibility. We only do X. They shouldn't have told you that.
  6. All I can do is try to put this right for you if you'll just bear with me.
  7. You aren't allowed in there. That area is strictly for our 'premium' members. Your package only covers you for entry to our basic facilities.
  8. We're really busy at the moment. You'll have to pop back later I'm afraid.
  9. That's not really something I'd be able to answer I'm afraid. I'm new here and they haven't told me how to do that yet. Sorry!
  10. It clearly states in our terms and conditions that we can't guarantee an answer on that. 

Let's take this further.

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