Selling or simply telling? Get your team actively involved in the sales process

Is your team actively involved in the sales process, either on a face to face basis or over the telephone?

Are they targeted on providing support and assistance to your customers or on achieving specific sales targets, or both?

Wherever you find yourself along the continuum from pure service to sales-led results, it's essential that the team understand their exact role and what the customer is expecting of them.

In our experience, many 'sales through service' and pure sales-led teams do not quite understand their role – are they acting as Salespeople or simply fulfilling the function of a brochure, flyer or pamphlet?

The table in this activity shows clearly the differences between great salespeople and brochures.

Use the table as follows

  1. Download the table for your own reference.
  2. Decide exactly what role your team should be fulfilling by marking down those qualities which are most appropriate for your team.
  3. Record each quality separately on different cards.
  4. Ask your team to discuss each card and ask them to hold on to those cards which they think are relevant to their role and discard those that are not relevant.
  5. Re-convene and discuss why your two lists are different. If they are both the same, great – you are all singing the same song. If not, you now understand where the differences lie and can begin the process of re-aligning your sales vision. Good luck!

File download

Download the salesperson versus brochure PDF and use it to complete the activity with the instructions above.

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