Stuck for Ideas? 2 Get those creative juices flowing

Many of the inventions made by people are no more than copies of what natural creatures have been doing for millions of years.

In 1941, Georges de Mestral returned from a day's hunting in the Jura mountains in France to find his trousers covered in burrs, little seeds that attach themselves by tiny hooks to wool and other fabric.

De Mestral had the idea to use the technique to fasten materials together.

By 1950 he had patented Velcro.

The idea is not unique in nature. The front and back wings of a butterfly are separate but have to flap together. Where they overlap, thousands of tiny hooks on one wing latch on to thousands of tiny eyes on the other: in effect, a Velcro fastening.

Over to you...

What ideas can you take from Nature to better the way a process is carried out? You might make your million!

Or, at the very least, you might surprise a colleague or even your boss.

Let's take this further.

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