Stuck for Ideas? An easy way to grow your creative toolkit

An excellent way to increase your creative repertoire is to take two separate everyday objects, say a pen and a pair of glasses, and make new useful connections with them.

This is what one inventor did when he was puzzling one lazy morning in bed about how to invent the perfect egg-cup that would adjust to fit all shapes and sizes of egg.

Suddenly a bedspring collapsed with a twanging sound, and the perfect egg-cup, a coiled metal spring to support any kind of egg, was invented.

Try this trick for yourself.

  • Put together two unconnected objects in the room right now - such as a stapler and a book-and find a use for them. Like any new skill, at first you'll be flummoxed, but don't give up.
  • If you're really struggling, turn it into a game. Next time you have a dinner party or your steering group at work is lacking in ideas, stimulate their creative juices and ask each of them to bring along two unrelated items.
Most imaginative gets a bottle of bubbly!

Let's take this further.

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