Time Management Self-Assessment

Please indicate which of the following statements apply to you;

  1. I would delegate more if I felt I had more capable staff.
  2. I am overqualified for many of the things I find myself involved in.
  3. I wish I could trust people around me more, but I find they tend to let me down.
  4. Too much of my time is wasted by my boss/colleagues/subordinates.
  5. People don’t seem able to offer their own solutions to problems, which means that more of my time gets wasted.
  6. I have to get involved in too much routine work, which prevents me from getting on with important jobs.
  7. It is difficult for me to plan because my priorities are continually changing.
  8. I have to waste too much time in unnecessary and ineffective meetings which I feel obliged to attend.
  9. I have to be able to drop things at a moment’s notice and firefight as and when required.
  10. I am not always able to meet deadlines because I have too many conflicting priorities.
  11. I work longer hours than I would like to but I don’t have much option.
  12. Because I’m so busy, it is inevitable that my desk tends to get cluttered – but I do generally know where everything is.
  13. I often have to prioritise my work according to who is shouting the loudest.
  14. I have to be reactive in my job.
  15. I think that good time-management principles are fine in theory but very difficult to apply in the real world.

0 of these statements apply to me.

After completing this questionnaire, if you have fewer than five it indicates that you probably already have good control over your time. If you have between six and ten, this indicates that some improvements are needed. More than ten and you need to work seriously on developing your time management skills.

Although this brief quiz doesn’t give a complete picture of your personal effectiveness, the statements do represent many of the reasons people give for being less organised and effective than they would wish.

Many people do believe they use their time in the best possible way, and blame external factors for any problems they may have. They don’t believe there is anything they can really do about it. This isn’t true. We are not powerless individuals and we can exert control over circumstances.

New Line Ideas offers practical, implementable solutions that can help both you and your team achieve much greater effectiveness in the area of personal and group time management.

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